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2002 R1150RT-P need help with brake pad part number

SJ David

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I want to replace the pads on my R150RT-P. I have been able to find most parts I needed since I purchased the bike 6 months ago. I love it and ride everyday rain or shine.


Now I need to replace my brake pads but I can not find the part numbers to order them.


Help please


David M.

San Jose, CA

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The Galfer number for the sintered metal/carbon is:

FD271G1054 front

FD186G1054 rear

The HH Galfers

FD271G1375 front

FD186G1371 rear


The sintered work well unless you really use the brakes hard. About as messy as the stock ones and are easy on the rotors.

For performance riding, the HH last a long time and run cleaner.

No matter what brand, be sure to bed the pads in per the package and clean the rotors.


On the 1150 you do not have to remove the front calipers to replace the pads.

Here is a link to a guy doing the pads in Polish, I think. The language barrier doesn't matter, you'll get the idea.





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