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Hair on fire motorcycle fanatic T.M. Roe is from WI, and so am I.


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My mothers maternal grandmother lived in northern Wisconsin. As a child, I went there and remember sleeping in the upstairs unheated bedroom under a ton of home made blankets. During the summer we would go to the Hay River, which was just down the road to the east. Yesterday I borrowed from Grandma a history of the Minor family (her mother's maiden name). Christine (Meinzer) Minor's parents, both born in Germany, came to America in 1847.


The ground for the cemetery is on the north side of the farm house. The house had neither electricity no running water till 1976.


A cousin lives in the house today and it is modernized. Not having been there for 62 years, I'm not sure I would recognize it if I rode by the place.





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That's right on the edge of some of the best motorcycle roads in the country. If you want me to stop off and take a picture next summer, let me know.

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