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New owner 04 r1150rt


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Bike has 22k miles, very clean good running bike. I have read about the abs and clutch, trans, spline problems, hopefully I won't have any of them, is there anything else I should check before riding? Thanks

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Did you see that someone over on ADVRider is making a spacer that makes the clutch better fit the splines? I don't necessarily think you should do that before riding - but wanted to mention.


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The usual...change all the fluids, including brake & clutch. If it still has the original rubber brake lines, change to stainless steel (Spiegler, etc.). While you have the tank off doing the brakes, change the fuel filter & in-the-tank fuel lines. Make sure it has the metal quick disconnects on the fuel lines. Check the left cam chain tensioner to see if it's the updated version (the new one takes a 15mm wrench, the old 16 or 17...I forget which). Might as well check the valve clearances and do a throttle body sync while you're at it. Then ride it.


I bought one a couple years ago same as yours...about 22k miles...and love it (I did all the above plus new tires).

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MarkAZ mentioned this above but it will take a while to rebuild the tank innards. You can quickly test the in-tank hardware quality. Measure the quantity of fuel RETURNING to the fuel tank at idle. If it is about 2 liters per minute, you can forget about replacing the hoses until it's convenient. Here's how: http://bmwsporttouring.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=838620#Post838620.


Although the chance of a failure in the tank isn't high, it is a show stopper when it fails. Mine failed at 70 mph, in heavy traffic, while I was in the passing lane of a four lane highway. Luckily it was only a couple hundred yards to an exit.

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I'll add in a couple of tips for riding. It's a top-heavy bike, especially with a full tank, and the dry clutch has a narrow friction zone, making it easy to stall. It'll take some time to get used to, and until you do, it's a very easy bike to drop. Especially avoid parking situations where you end up having to start from a stop with the bars at full lock - if the front wheel hits a small pebble, you might go down.

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I know this sounds nuts, but I found a good deal on an 08 rt and bought it not the 04. Now I need to found out about the 08. Thanks

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