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Denali Wiring Modification - Always On


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I've got a Denali D2 driving light system that I want to install on my R1200RTW. I ordered fork brackets for it but what I want to do is wire the lights to always come on at low setting. Then, perhaps by rewiring the on/off switch, use that switch to switch the lights to high by turning the switch on to "on". In addition, I would like the high beam to switch the lights to high also.


Remember, this is the LC RT (2014+). Has anybody done this without installing a second switch for the lights?




2016 RT

2008 KS


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Jusbille, thank you for the advise. Looks like a perfect solution. I'm calling tomorrow to order one of these units.

I'm wondering two things... in case someone knows the answers...

1) Will the ezcan control 2 sets of driving lights (like driving and fog)?

2) Will the Skene P3 connect to this device? I just want to power the P3. If it's better to add another set of red LEDs to run off the ezcan then I'll do that.


Once again, thanks.


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Yes, the EzCan can power 2 sets of lights. Use one of the 10 amp circuits for 1 set and the other 10 amp circuit for the second set of lights. Both are adjustable for day / night riding and bright / dim settings.


Since the EzCan has its own brake light "flashing system" the Skene P3s could be used without their controller, and simply wired into the EzCan. Not sure what the effect of using the Skene controller with the EzCan might do.


The EzCan is an excellent unit. Very versatile, well made, easily adjustable, easily wired, and well packaged. I like mine a lot. So far I'm just running Rigid D2s for riding lights on my 2015 R1200R, but am looking for an LED brake /running light as well. Think I have settled on HyperLites, but still considering others. Whatever I get, I'll let the EzCan control them as well.

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