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Reintroduce myself ... ... 02 RT San Diego


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I do pop in here every once in a while.

Have not posted much at all since last winter.


I am the goofy guy from Michigan, that has been riding since 1979, Suzuki GS mostly. GS1100GK is my primary bike, here at home,




and that is now 32 years old.

Concerned about long distance reliability, and thinking I should get something newer.


Then in 2014 my daughter & SIL moved to San Diego.

And then I thought to get a bike to have there for the 2 - 3 years they would be there. Canyons and mountains of southern California! Should visit 2 or 3 times a year.

This was a wild and crazy thing for me to even think of. I don't spend money like that.

But somehow convinced myself (and wife) that it was a reasonable and practical thing to do. And was something like "the-last-big-thing" before retirement.



I choose 2002 to 2004 to be new enough to be more reliable enough and made a list of models I would consider based on some investigation and having read magazines all these years and discussions with other riders. And then happened upon a 02 R1150RT that was equipped well for my purpose and came with extra stuff that was great for the situation, AND was good price. Hey, BMW, those known for reliability. Talked to a couple friends on GS forum that had BMWs. And a few days later it was in my daughters&SIL garage.



Idea was that that it was there for me to use when visit two or three times a year,

and my son would also visit and use it when visiting,

and maybe SIL might use it on occasion to take our daughter for a ride (rather than his H-D super-dyna-something-or-other with a passenger seat about the size of a playing card).






First visit out there, on 5th day of riding it, the xmission input shaft and clutch hub strips out. (NO need to discuss that here at this time. Has been discussed in detail at the time.) But will say, At first I though it was a complete loss (repair estimate from dealer was about 90% the value of the bike, and it needed about $1200 of other maintenance).

Forum members here gave some good references to part suppliers, and I got it repaired for less than that, and then also got the overdue maintenance done at same time, all for total of about 70% the value of the bike.


Did get back out there the next winter, and had a great expereince.







But overall, I have been out there only once a year,

my SIL refuses to ride it, and he did get a more reasonable seat for passenger,

my son did go out there but he rode his own bike (Tiger 1050) out to there and back.

So my reasonable-practical plan to have a bike out there didn't really work out as planned. (would have been better to rent). But I am enjoying the RT.


Two other upcoming situations:


1) Am planning an other visit this February (specific dates not set).

And am more convinced that will make another visit, say, late spring - early summer.




2) Then another time sometime before end of the summer, will need to ride it home (or sell from there) as the SIL will have his new assignment to elsewhere by early September.


Can chat more later.


Dave "Redman"



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I am planning to visit my son and daughter-in-law next June and have been considering making it a road trip. It would be about 5000 km (3000 mi) each way. Your post suggested to me that maybe I should do something more along the lines of what you did: either buy a bike to leave in his garage, or just rent one while I am there. Probably, I will ride the whole way (Guadalajara, Mexico <-> Boston, USA), but the other options are something to think about.

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Suzuki did a pretty nice job with the styling on that bike. :thumbsup: I didn't understand it back in 79 but then again, there were many things. :grin:




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I think you should come to Torrey or the Un Rally.





North Carolina.

I am in Michigan, RT is in San Diego.




Ah, I see that is a days ride from San Diego, in mid-late May.... hum, will have to ponder that.





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Nice pic's there, Dave! :thumbsup:

Wish i knew to post them like you did!


Make 4 or 6 pictures into one collage picture file. THen post that as one picture.


Here is another





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Suzuki did a pretty nice job with the styling on that bike. :thumbsup: I didn't understand it back in 79 but then again, there were many things. :grin:




GS1100GK came out in 82. Magazine reviews were not kind. Did not sell well at all. Were made 82 thru 84. (Then the V4 Cavelcade came out).



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Over the last couple yeras, I have meet a couple of BMWST members here in Grand Rapids (at the dealer).


Have chatted with a few BMWST members from the San Diego area about the time I was there last year, and 2 years ago some fine BWMST members really helped with some good contacts for getting the RT repaired.

And both years I went to San Diego BMW Owners club breakfast and ride.


Am looking forward to another visit there in San Diego in mid-late February.


The dealer in SD, Gary Orr and Howard Bell and mechanic Chris, were great.







THis was my ride on Christmas Day (wife was working so it was a double holiday for me).











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