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Sacramento to San Diego Dec 26 - Jan 1st


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Hello Everyone!

My GF and I will be heading down through Bakersfield on the 25th. Then to Kern River and down south.


The plan is to be in San Diego or Motoport and a custom fitting. Then hang out through the first of the year and dance the night away.


Would love to meet like minded BMW and Spyder riders. My GF is on her Spyder.


Interested to know of fun places to visit along the way too!

Reply or PM me.


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There are tons of places to stay in the San Diego area, ranging from fleabags to huge penthouses and from on the beach to well inland. I know there's a Hampton Inn right across 78 from Motoport on Carmel Street in San Marcos (just over the hill from my house). Not scenic, but certainly convenient. There are plenty of nearby restaurants, albeit perhaps just a little further than you'd want to walk.


Checking my calendar, I see I'm free and could show you some fun San Diego roads on 12/31, if you're interested.


Keep an eye on the weather. San Diegans do NOT know how to drive in the rain. On the freeway, they'll either keep doing the usual (for here) 75+ in a 65, or they'll slow to 50, and the combination of the two often ends badly. I've ridden some in the rain and don't mind it too much, but I avoid doing it here if at all possible.


I don't really know much about local nightlife.

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Thanks Bill!


We will stay in a San Clemente hotel for most of our trip. My sister will be in San Clemente with her kids. We're doing the Christmas thing on the 27th.


Motoport on the 28th. Dana Point - Hennessey's and such for weekend fun.


We might look you up for the 31st during the day!

Thanks again!

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