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High Beam Reflector tarnish/burnout


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I have an '06 RT and the mirror surface surrounding the high beam (reflector) has lost its surface rendering it all but useless. Anyone else have this occur? I'm guessing no fix other than total replacement at close to 1k?

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They are in eBay a lot for a lot less, from people parting out bikes. You should be able to pick one up. I think any year through 2009 will fit your bike. I'm not sure if the cam head years '10-'13 will fit due to a knob added for the headlight beam height adjustment. Just check Max BMW parts fiche to see if the part numbers are the same.



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My '06 RT, now with 233K miles, has toasted reflector zones above each low beam bulb (these are always on), suggesting it's bulb heat that's causing your problem (plus maybe thinner-than-normal silver coating).


These headlamp units can be disassembled for repair, but it's not en easy task, and individual parts are likely unavailable.


Try Beemer Boneyard.

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