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TanK bag for a 2000 R1100RT

Rick Ward

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I have a Marsee with a ring mount: MARSEE 10L ROCKET POCKET- CORONA MOUNT FOR BMW




It's not a large bag, so the map case is small but usable. I also bought the pre-wired version although I mostly ride without the power connected. Easy to attach/detach for fueling. At left lock, it does activate the 'down' button for the windshield. Not completely waterproof, so I bought the rain cover too. Without the cover, water can get inside (in a heavy downpour).



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There are still some Big Mak tank bags out there that show up in the classifieds.

Best design/function, IMO.

Even if you choose something else, if one is listed, grab it.

The original design to raise the bag above the tank on a platten so no scratching, easy flip up for fill up and the system design allows multiple bags to be used together.

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Stay with the RKA, they offer support for their products. Marsee does not! I wanted to buy a set of extra straps for my Marsee and they wanted to sell me another bag instead.

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I have not bought a pig in a poke but close. I bought a BMW tank bag. Seller said it would fit a R1100RT. I got it today but it has no install instructions. Is there a site that demonstates the install. I could not find a model number on the bag. It expands and has a map view area and came with some screws that appear to screw into the gas cap area.

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Closer inspection the screws are for a couple of anchor points that the rear portion of the bag attaché. The top of the bag has a handle and the forward bottom area has two pieces of leather joined by a zipper; the joined piece has Velcro on its leading edge. The very top of course is the map case that has a BMW logo button mounted between two fasteners. the map viewing window is secured by 4 fasteners.

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Exactly backwards.


The leather pieces go to the rear and Velcro onto the back end of the tank. The screws are used to attach two metal clips to the front of the tank. The front straps have hooks the attach to the metal clips. The handle on the bag goes to the rear.




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