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So, what is special about signing up for the official BMW Owners Group Forum. Seems like they want some $$ to be a member. I have never paid a dime to be a member of any forum and that is why I am on this one.

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If you're referring to the forum that is part of the BMW MOA web site, then really you've put the cart in front of the horse.


The forum is just one of the benefits of being a member of the MOA. There are many, but the principal one is a high quality monthly magazine. The forum itself is filled with many very qualified and knowledgeable posters, probably many of the same people that are posting here at BMWST.

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BMWMOA has its benefits. Explore beyond the "forum". You'll find other stuff worth the price of admission. Discounts and a great magazine. Services. The anonymous book.


BMWST also has its benefits. The difference here, is there is no requirement for a membership fee. Nothing about this website is free for the owner though. It costs the proprietor to host this website. And there are administrators. Time spent monitoring. Classifieds. Useful information updated. Not to mention great members. Wonderful ride events. Tech help. It goes on....


Some of us like it enough to donate to keep the site running.


You see, there ain't no free lunch. :wave:


Happy riding.



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As a former lifetime member of the MOA, I can say there are a lot of benefits for members.


I can also say that there is no better M/C related forum than this one.

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I can also say that there is no better M/C related forum than this one.


Thanks to dirtrider, mostly


This has always been the best forum, IMO - predating the likable and always helpful dirtrider in 2010 (and even Yours Truly in 2008 :rofl:) .


BMWST is a great community. The greatness of the board certainly transcends any one of us and is a function of the membership of the entire board. I'm a better man and a better rider for the friendships that have developed through this board. lkchris - I hope you will make the time to attend any of the several large and small events going on perpetually here. There is a whole other world of activity going on here outside of motorcycle repair and neither are mutually exclusive. :):old:

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Hey Bud,


How can you be a former lifetime member, you run out of lifetime? :)


Good one! :rofl:


Let's just leave it at a disagreement and I decided I didn't need the drama or be connected anymore. :wave:

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