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DVD 2016 Check In


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Left at 4:30 this morning. Rolled into my driveway at 9:45, including a quick stop for a breakfast sandwich in Baker.


Very eerie ride in pitch black (except for my headlight) through Death Valley NP this morning. Can't navigate by the ribbon of asphalt as the headlight illuminates it because with what the blowing wind had deposited on it and what has gotten tramped down by vehicles since the last rain, the asphalt is as sandy colored as the rest of the desert. Had to be guided by the Botts dots (when visible) and the series of reflectors that sit atop 3-ft. poles on the outside of most turns. Even then, kinda iffy in many places. The Park is posted 55 and I came through at an easy 75 on my way to Beatty on a nicely lit Friday morning with no one else on the road. But this was much earlier and in places, even the posted limit was a bit much. A gorgeous sky full of stars, but still spooky. I made it through with my fair share of pucker moments, got past the Furnace Creek area, and soon the sun started to rise. Easy Peasy after that.


Great event. I hadn't been to a DVD in quite a while, and those who organize this are to be hailed. Wonderful riders. enjoyable rides exploring old mining towns. Lots of great conversations. We found a new Mexican Restaurant that was quite a bit better than we'd anticipated. Also a new little cafe/sandwich place on the corner next to the motel. And sadly we learned that a few of the Beatty locals who had treated our groups quite well in previous years, had passed on.


Friday night we were serenaded by a young waitress who, we were told, had sung the Star Spangled Banner at her high school's recent homecoming game. She stepped out onto the patio of the Happy Burro Chili and Burger place, and delivered a repeat performance, gracing us with a beautiful rendition. I think Big Fish recorded it on his phone. And we team tackled the problem of an F650 that probably lost its fuel pump. After diagnosis and consensus, we got it picked up and shoved nose first and on its side into Bob Palin's truck (which this time had the camper shell in place, as Bob had brought his dogs and was sleeping under the stars). Bob and the bike's owner got it to the Las Vegas BMW Dealer where it'll be picked up (or traded in) in about a week. Does anyone ever keep track of all the miles that Bob Palin puts on in four-wheeled support of our gatherings? Kudos and Kudos, Killer. And our deepest thanks.

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Home by noon, great company, gorgeous weather, epic Saturday ride with just a little dirt road for good measure- and an alien looking landscape- to make things interesting.....


Thanks to all who showed up


Don J :wave:

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Stopped in Wickenburg for the night. Need to deal with some business in Phoenix tomorrow AM and will be home in Tucson tomorrow afternoon.


As usual, good to see folks ... till next year.

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Al & Angie made it home to AZ at 3:15--


Great ride, Great people and hope everyone makes it home safely


Looking forward to next year already



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In at 4:30 PM.


I did the 395 to 120 boogie. No bikes. At least not until I hit Yosemite. After that just a few. Don't know where everybody is.


Filled up in Bishop. Made it all the way here to San Jose. Odometer said 311 miles. Is that possible? Guess so. I calculate a quarter of a gallon left.


Good to see everyone. Love this event. :wave:





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Bigfish and Littlefish safely back in our pond. Easy ride home.

Great write-up Fernando. I will see if I can post that recording of the National Anthem.

That was a great and unexpected moment. We always have such a blast at this event. Thanks to all who put this on and to those who participated. Was fun meeting some new faces... even though I never did get to meet "Real Shelby" who I believe traveled the furthest. Hope he had a good time wherever he was.

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I left Beatty about 8:30 this morning and rolled into home about 4:15 PM via this route (which actually stops a little short of my house for privacy purposes). No freeway at all, though there was a bit of divided 4-lane on 86 from Mecca to Salton City, and very little traffic. The roads between Baker and Twentynine Palms have all been repaved since I rode them last, and they're in pretty good shape. Borrego-Salton Seaway is in terrible shape for much of its distance.


Kudos again to mrduck for organizing this event, including the motel setup, lunch at Gold Point ghost town on Saturday, and dinner at KC's on Saturday night! And for leading a bunch of us to discover beautiful, scenic Silver Peak, NV. Not to mention taking us up to Horseshoe Meadows on Friday (I think Cornelis had something to do with that, too).



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In about 3.


Thanks Don for another great event.


It's always nice to end the weekend on AFH and ACH. There's so much beauty up there.


I always look forward to the Sunday morning ride as we first decent into DV and then into PV. The views around every corner are SPECTACULAR.


Hey Bill, what a route to take you home!!! Very impressive indeed.



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Back home about noon.


Weather was the best so far.


Thanks to the duck, even though his routing resulted in some bugs and dust on the little green bike. eek.gif

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Home at 4:30pm


Rode Sherman Pass with Tank and Gary then on to Walker Pass and Angeles Crest Hwy.

Thanks for all the organization mr duck! :shake:


Great to see everyone!


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Rode to San Simeon Sunday and then on to the Bay Area on Monday. Had a great time and especially the ride down led by Joe and Juanita. First time on these great roads - but not the last.

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Hey Bill, what a route to take you home!!! Very impressive indeed.



I learned it from Jamie (KMG_365) and Leslie (lesismore), who, if I recall correctly, learned it from Denny (Tool). I've used it a bunch going to and from Torrey, and a couple of times to or from DV. It adds about 2-2.5 hours compared to the quickest route, but keeps me off the dreaded slab. It can get kinda hot out there, though. This time, it was perfectly comfortable until I got south of I-10.

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In at 1:30 Tuesday with a stop at Ben Lomd to stay the Sunday night , than on to Fort Bragg to spend the Monday night . Tuesday woke to a bit of rain than a great ride to the barn


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Got home about 1:45 today. Good to see everyone again (wished I'd have felt better though).Rode over Sherman Pass Sun. with Tank and Lbump. Great ride. Then it was on to Ben Lomond and my son's house. long day, 514 miles I think. Monday morning to Ft. Bragg to ride the coast but this morning it was raining and foggy so went inland to Willets and up 101. Still raining. the last 180 miles from Garberville were nice though.


'Til next time

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Got home around 5 pm Wednesday. 3,840 miles over 8 days. Lots of rain in West Texas on day one, none after that. Stayed first night in Deming, NM. Then headed west and turned north at Lordsburg. Made my way to route 191 and I must say starting at Clifton this road is the best road I have ridden. NOTHING around there, so not well known. Don't pass up a chance to ride it! Made it to Kingman, AZ for night two, then on to Beatty for Friday and Saturday. Great to see everyone and meet some new faces! Pulled out about 6 am Sunday, down through Death Valley. Made a wrong turn, but stayed on 14 anyway. Turned out to be the right mistake! Met up with a couple BMW riders that told me to get on the Angeles Crest highway. Done that and it was worth the side trip. Made my way down to Sante Fe Springs ( suburb on South side of LA ) for Sunday night. Monday met up with a business partner, then headed back East about 1 pm. I-10 East for 1,550 miles. I think a day or two to rest up is in order........

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