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02 1150RT Starting Problem


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So my 2002 1150RT has been fine and then this morning (it's been sitting maybe a week) and i go to get on it and i turn the key on, wait for the fuel pump to cycle and press the starter button and the dash lights are all bright (it's on a tender), the headlight goes out while the button is pushed (normal) and NOTHING. Starter never even clicks.


I know what it acts like when the battery is to low to turn it over, which happens if it's not on a tender for a while and the temps get cold, but this seems different.


I have replaced the starter in this bike in the last few years so that seems unlikely, but maybe.


Any thoughts?

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Morning Troy


It's difficult to tell you exactly what the problem is without having the bike in front of me here but IF your headlight is going out when you push the starter button that means that the push button is working, that the starter relay is operational & making contact, & that power is flowing at least as far as the splice going to the load relief relay.


My next move would be to put a 12v test light (or voltmeter) between ground & put test light stinger on the small wire at the starter solenoid, then push the starter button with key on.


You need to have the test light light-up (brightly) or have the voltmeter show over 10v when you push the starter button. (a voltmeter will tell you more here)


If over 10v at the small wire on the starter solenoid when you push the starter button then you either have a bad starter, bad starter solenoid, or no 12 power to the large positive cable at the starter. (can you hear the solenoid click???)


If you have over 10v at the starter solenoid small wire when starter button is pushed then you might try holding the starter button down (key on) then rapping on the starter solenoid with a plastic mallet or piece of wood. (if it than cranks you have starter/solenoid issues)


If no 10v or over to the small wire at the starter solenoid when you push starter button then you probably have a wire issue between the splice going to the load relief relay & the starter, or a very low battery, or a poor connection at a one of the battery posts.



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is the sidestand up? Is the clutch in / out? Is it in neutral with a green light?


Morning Jim


Both the clutch switch & neutral switch effect the starter relay pull-in operation. With the headlight going out when start switch is pushed that says the starter relay IS working so one or the other (clutch S/W or Neutral S/W) must be working if starter relay is operationl.

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Thanks for the thoughts to start with. I will remove the tupperware this weekend and do a bit more work, but the starter relay is definitely working so it's clearly between there and the starter. I don't hear the starter solenoid, but to be fair I can't get close enough to it until i get the left side plastic off.


Until I can do more analysis, it seems like the MOST likely scenario is the starter itself, but i'll let you know more if I have more questions. Thanks again.

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Thanks. It's an Oddysey from 1/9/2015 and it stays on a trickle so i certainly hope not. Fair warning however. The starter is from 2013.

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Thanks for the help. I probably shouldn't have written until i got the plastic off. I took it off and went to connect the test light and realized the main battery terminal nut on the starter was gone. I reached into my box and spare stuff, put a nut on it and it fired right up.


The did test the battery and it seems fine as well.



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