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K1200GT Spark Plug replacement


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Am new, so if this has already been posted, apologies.


Am changing the plugs (first time for me) on an '08 K1200GT, and after taking off SO many things, (of course the radiator), there is an air intake tube over the plugs. Dealer told me it'd be hard to remove, and be careful not to break it. Suggested heat.


Won't budge. Used a heat gun, didn't do anything. Thinking of starting the bike for a minute (remember, no coolant), so metal heats and expands. Is this a bad idea?


What have others done? What's worked? Suggestions?





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1. Don't start the bike.

2. Order a new air rail.

3. Pry harder, but equally across the rail.

4. If you free it, cancel the air rail order.

5. If it breaks, throw it across the room, go watch some football and install the new air rail when it arrives.

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