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As the subject line states I know this is a much discussed subject but I just have two more questions. On the early R1100 bikes with the single throttle cable specifically the part of the cable that links the left TB with the right TB there are two adjusters on this section of the cable, one on the left TB and one on the right TB. When I installed a new TB cable recently I merely set the adjuster that connects to the left TB to the center of its adjustable range then when doing TB sync I only adjusted the right side adjuster. Is it proper to do it this way that is just center the left side cross-over cable adjuster?


The other questions concerns the choke control or more correctly the fast idle when cold throttle position control. When my bike is cold and I use this positioner to maintain idle the TBs do not stay in sync which produces a very rough idle. I don't really understand this phenomena and I can't see a way to correct it by adjustment. Is this correct? I only use the throttle position control when starting then use the throttle to maintain idle. Would be nice to be able to use the throttle position control but oh well. Unless there is something I'm just not seeing here.


Thanks in advance.

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Afternoon James


On the crossover cable adjusters-- I really can't see it making any difference as long as the crossover cable is set correctly as far as R/H side TB tracking with the L/H side (through the full travel).


Now on the choke cable pulling the TB's out of sync-- That has always been a problem PLUS, as the TB cam cable barrel holes wear it becomes a bigger problem.


Problem is: the one & only main cable wraps around the L/H TB cam then passes on to the R/H TB cam.


When you use the twist grip the cable wrap on the L/H side works the cable around the cam in the PULL direction as far as the hole slop in the TB cam will allow it to. (you usually set the TB balance with the cable pulled in this direction)


Now when you use the choke the SEPERATE choke cable pulls on the L/H CAM ONLY so the crossover cable now works to the other side to the cable barrel hole until all the slop is taken out in that direction. (that then means the TB balance will be off the amount of slop in the TB cam hole to throttle cable barrel)-- (the more wear on the throttle cable barrel or more wear in the TB cam hole the worse the problem becomes)


Now when you go back to using the twist grip again it takes a few throttle application for the cable to work to the other side of the TB cam hole again.


If you look back at some of my old postings on the single cable system you will see that I recommend NOT using the choke (fast idle) prior to setting the TB balance.


A lot of complaints about the old single cable system going out of sync a lot had to do with IF the choke was used just prior to setting or checking the TB balance.


Personally, I seldom used the choke on the old single cable 1100's but instead just held the twist grip open a little then started the engine & rode off after starting. After I rode a short ways the engine would usually idle without the choke (fast idle) on.


Or if you need a fast idle just slide a Caterpillar "O" ring on the R/H bar end weight then roll that to between the grip & bar end weight to hold the throttle where you want it (old cheap throttle lock trick that I still use on some of my old bikes)


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Hi again D.R., Can't seem to break myself from using the so-called choke so tonight I just removed the choke cable and will buy a suitable "O" ring tomorrow.

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