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Wanting to add a fuse panel, where to get relay trigger?

James L.

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Ok, I am adding a few low power accessories, and I want to have them powered like the headlights. I'm not big on tapping into an existing wire, so how do I add a fuse panel with a relay trigger?


I also have no maintenance manuals for the bike, and could use a few.


Options and opinions?


James L


BTW the Bike is a 2011 RT

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Afternoon James


If you don't want to tap into an existing wire & you want headlight like operation then you will probably have to make a plug in jumper of some sort to use one of the existing wire circuits without cutting or tapping into.


Personally I usually just tap into the main beam wire & use that to trigger the relay.


If you can live with a longer on time after key-off then you can use the ZFE controlled accessory plug at the steering neck area (works good for some uses but not the best for axillary lights or other higher draw accessories)

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On my RT I mounted my fuse block under the rear seat atop the rear mud guard. I used a posi-tap to use the rear accessory plug as the trigger. As DR states, the accessories will stay powered for a minute or so after the key is turned off.

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Do you know what the brand of plug that would mate with the accessory plug at the neck would be?



Evening James


Your BMW dealer should have it (lot of riders use that plug for GPS power)--it comes with a short pigtail of wires). Just call & ask your BMW motorcycle dealer as they should know what you want.


I also think a BMW car dealer has them (probably cheaper) but they would have to match it up & that isn't easy as the plug on the bike side is not removable.

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