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Installing rope loops to Vario Cases

Mustang Guy

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Mustang Guy

I have installed loops to fasten bungee cords to on one of my BMW Vario Cases. The way I fastened it, there are no protrusions into the bag, only into the plastic edge protector. Also, where I fastened the loops, there are two screws holding the edge protector to the case, so they are nice and solid. They feel solid to me, and I will give a shout to you all if I run into problems. I would not use these as anchor points for a ratchet strap, but for bungee cords, I think they are going to hold up fine.


Here is a materials list from Home Depot; $13.78 before tax:


4 X 9/16 in. Stainless Steel Rope Loop

2 X #8-32 tpi x 1/2 in. Stainless-Steel Flat-Head Phillips Drive Machine Screw (6-Piece)

1 X #8 Stainless Steel Flat Washer (12-Pack)

2 X #8-32 Coarse Stainless Steel Nylon Lock Nut (4 per Pack)


I need to go to the hardware store tomorrow and buy more nuts and screws. This was a pretty easy installation, it looks pretty good, and won't rust. Here are a few pictures.


Take out these three stainless screws first:



Lift out the locking mechanism in one piece:



Remove the two torx 20 screws from under the locking mechanism you just removed:



Now take out these two Torx 20 screws:



Now you have the edge protector. You will be mounting to this:



Line up the rope loops about here. You need to eyeball them so they look good. You need them far enough away from the edge to get a washer and nut on inside:



Now I make a pencil mark where I am going to drill:



Drill the first hole. The bit I am using is 5/32", which makes me have to use a phillips screwdriver to get the machine screw in. I like the tight tolerance.



With 1 screw in, I drill a hole in the exact center of the other mounting point of the rope loop:



Flip over and put a washers and nylon nuts on the back. Put everything back together in the reverse order.


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Mustang Guy

Pictures of the finished product. Don't pay any mind to the pencil marks. They are light, and they erase perfectly well. I just wanted to mark out where obstructions were inside the edge protector.















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Looks nice.  I've done virtually the exact same thing in the past.  I added a fender washer to the interior to beef it up a bit.  Use all 316SS hardware, of course.  To answer Geo's question - do a nice job with the install, they will out-last the bike.


My only objection to this method, is that the tie-downs are attached to the LID of the case.  Now you can't get into the side case without taking everything apart.  Also - please throw away all of your bungee cords.  Those things are terrible.

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I agree with ElKroeger, "My only objection to this method, is that the tie-downs are attached to the LID of the case.  Now you can't get into the side case without taking everything apart."


Also, structurally they would possibly be stronger and stiffer if mounted closer to the sidecase mounting bracket.  But, in your location they would help keep the lid closed if the latch "failed".





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