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I can do that....uh, maybe not

John Ranalletta

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Too many power pellets.. ;).. He spun up the rear tire hoping he'd be catapulted across. Just a hunch here, I'll bet he didn't write the check for that bike.



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Lame article written by an non or inexperienced rider. I've seen our small town Harley guys on cruisers, which have nearly automobile size tyres, ride on a 2x4 for 24 feet in a contest they used to have at a small bike event here. Trials riders could do that log on one wheel, hop around 180 in the middle and ride back. It isn't the bike. It isn't the tyres. It's the operator.

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...I'll bet he didn't write the check for that bike....


Ding ding ding, we have a winner. Dumb thing to do all around.

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