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El Paseo--Final Details before Next Weekend


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Here are some last minute details for El Paseo next weekend. Here, in case you are joining this discussion late, are links to the original threads:


Original Thread Announcing El Paseo


More Details on El Paseo After the First Announcement


Planned Portion of the El Paseo Rides Friday and Saturday


Dinner Count for El Paseo




This far out, it's hard to really predict. But it's looking good. We know for sure it'll be in the mid-sixties during the day, and around 40 at night. We'll see about rain. Regardless of the weather, the weekend is on. In other words, a group of us will be there no matter how much rain there is. Remember that we'll be doing a little riding early, and some riding late, so bring something warm enough--we are at higher elevations.


Speaking of weather, things should just be turning green, too.




Randy Shields, who knows the area, has suggested a few alternate routes, on both Friday and Sunday. I'll walk through those before we head out.


I will also print out the route maps in color, along with the step by step turns, and bring them with me. Obviously you can run any route you want with any group--these are just suggestions if you are interested.


Speaking of routes, Jake as built a GPS route of the two rides. Click here to download the .mps file for importing to your GPS. It's for MapSource 4.03 and Metroguide USA 3.0. If that doesn't make sense, ask Jake! I don't use that stuff.




Don't forget that Cherokee is in a dry county--pick up libations elsewhere on your way in.


Friday Museum


Toward the end of our Friday ride, we'll be stopping at the "Wheel's Through Time" museum, with 200+ vintage motorcycles. I talked with the owner, and I have three things to report. First, he'll give our group a personal tour. Second, he'll only charge us $8 instead of the normal $18 entrance fee. Third, though it normally closes at 6:00, he'll stay open as late as we need. He's very excited about showing off the collection to some motorcycle lovers!


Friday Dinner


Because we might stay later at the museum, we may grab dinner there in Maggie Valley (there are more eating choices, too). If you miss the ride Friday but want to join us for dinner, you might head east from Cherokee. It's only a 19 miles on NC 19. Look for parked motorcycles on that main drag, near the museum. I would guess that we'd be at Jon Arthur's, Arfs, or the Salty Dog.




Phone numbers for the hotel and campground are in the other threads, along with lat/long waypoints. I'll be headed out of Nashville on Thursday. Just call if you need anything.




We have 56 people coming for dinner Saturday night, and about 64 people who have indicated that they'll be there for at least part of the weekend. Woohoo! Can't wait to get together with you all. Incidentally, people will be coming from 20 different states!


See you Friday at 1:00p, EDT.

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Not bad for something that started out along the lines of 'would anyone be interested?'. I am ready to roll and I can hardly wait till Thursday AM, zero dark-thirty when I will hit the road! Thanks! This is gonna be great!



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Sounds great David, thanks for all of your efforts. Kinda like an east side Torrey gathering. I'm pumped, am going to sleep a few hours after work Thursday then ride all night and hope to be there by 9:00 am and get a couple hours sleep before Fridays ride. See y'all there!

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Thanks for all the work involved in setting this up, David. I'm leaving Tampa on Wed., heading to Tallahassee, then Tallman and I will travel up on Thursday. I look forward to meeting you and the others for a great weekend. grin.gif

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dave sawyer

I should be arriving Thursday evening to be rested up for the Friday ride. Look me up if you arrive in time for dinner. Oh, and hang the weather, we're BMW riders. cool.gif

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One really minor detail - I've been asked to bring a few BMWRT.com stickers with me. I'll bring all I have in the event others would like to save postage. No need to make an advanced request.

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I freaked out last night when I checked out the weather. AOL had snow flurries in the forcast! frown.gif First thing this morning checked again....weather.com this time... and the snow has gone and only a 20% chance of any precip. cool.gif Thanks for putting the routes together and posting the GPS route. We will spend Thursday night north of Atlanta and ride up early Friday morning.

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We are watching this thing closely up here as well as we'll be traveling down on Thursday - as we are supposed to now get 8 - 12" today frown.giffrown.gif

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I may not make the ride this weekend - I broke my headlamp lens on Sunday.


Don't know how long it will take to fix, but will certainly try.


Wonder if I can ride without a headlight lens?



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