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Range Indicator Slow Response


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Normally, after a fill up, my fuel level indicator on the left side of the screen shows full within a few seconds, and the digital range indication increases to about 320 miles within a minute or two.


For about the last three refills, the fuel level has indicated normally, but the range indication is very slow to respond. Today, after putting in 4.8 gallons, the range slowly climbed from 109 to 309 over a period of 30 minutes and 26 miles.


The GS-911 shows only a prior low voltage fault. The battery was replaced yesterday.


This is a 2008 R1200RT. The fuel strip was replaced once during the first month of ownership, and until now, the fuel indications have been reliable, fast and accurate. Any ideas?


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Mine does the same (2010). No rhyme or reason... DR will tell you that if you reset your average speed and avg fuel mileage (when you refill) then it will take much longer for your computer to calculate mileage to empty.


I wouldn't worry about it one iota... IMHO is not an indicator whatsoever about a imminent failure.

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It's due to data overload Go to the fuel mileage section of the on-board computer and hold down the BC button util the fuel mileage is wiped clean.

That should sort the problem.

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Morning aggieengineer


The computer only knows how far that you can go on the remaining fuel IF it knows what fuel mileage the bike is currently averaging & how much fuel is remaining in the tank.


Seeing as the BMW 1200Rt doesn't have a fuel flow sensor it needs to extrapolate the fuel flow from the injector pulse width, RPM, engine load, & other input factors.


If you lost the stored data when you changed (disconnected) the battery it takes a while to re-calculate everything.


It also depends on IF you re-set everything when you fuel up & how far/fast you ride away form the fuel stop. Obviously IF you fill up, then sit in the gas station with the engine running while you fasten your helmet & button your coat your system is getting no usable fuel mileage input. Or if you leave the gas station & sit a few red lights it has no idea of you real fuel mileage (therefore distance to empty).


On the other hand if you fill, reset all the stored data, then leave the gas station & come right up to a constant speed it will update sooner (especially if it has a strong stored fuel mileage history).


See if your problem goes away as you get more miles & a couple more fills.




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With the acquisition of a new bike, the R1200RT hasn't seen much use for the last couple of months. Yesterday, however, I took it for a long ride and filled up. Within a few seconds, the indicator showed full with an expected range of 320 miles. Glad to see this isn't a persistent behavior. I reset the tripmeter with every fillup, but have trusted the fuel gauge as well.


Dirtrider. As usual, thank you for the analysis and reliable advice. Perhaps you might be interested in getting involved in the K16 world???

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