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Ilium works bars


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Good day folks. Question here. Looking seriously at the Ilium Works bars for my 2014 RT. My question is this. If the bike tips over, are the rear bags still going to hit the ground and cause damage? In the photos on the website looks like they still will. I really don's want to put rear guards on because it looks a little strange to me when riding without the bags on.

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Not apples to apples but a buddy accidentally tipped over my K1600 with the Ilium engine protection. Bike was stationary when it went over and there was no evidence of the tip over on the bars or panniers when the bike was upright again. When another buddy went down in a low speed slide on a K1600 with the same protection and his bags got scuffed.


I've looked at the pannier bars and don't like the look or weight of them. They cost a few hundred dollars to purchase and the pannier covers cost a few hundred dollars. For now I'll save my money and if I go down and need to replace the pannier covers in a tip over I will spend the money at that time. At the cost of the pannier protection bars I'd rather take my chances.

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Dave Stephens
I went with Ilium engine bars and Wunderlich rear bars. Total side protection.


I have Ilium engine bars as well and am satisfied with them. I've emailed Ilium to ask about rear bars and they seem to be in no hurry to produce those. Are you happy with how well the Wunderlich rear bars match your Ilium bars in the front? Thanks.

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