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Hi all, found this site while trying to find any info on what happened to the MCN forum. Didn't see the intro section until after posting in a thread about MCN, so here I am.


Been riding since I was a kid - mini bikes and dirt bikes, now mostly street but the desire for off roading still lives in the aging body.

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I've got multiple bike disorder...

My latest purchase is a 2015 650 V-Strom and I'm still in the process of breaking it in. It has been a while since I've had to break in a bike. The last new street bike I bought is a '98 Valkyrie which I still have. I've also got a '78 CB750K that I bought new in '79. There's an '89 GB500 in the stable as well. That covers the runners. On the non-runner side I've got a '76 R75/6 w/Ural sidecar, a '77 HD XLCR, another '78 CB750K, and two old Yammie two strokes, a'79 RD400 Daytona, and a '72 R5. There are a few dirt bikes in the shop as well, 3 out of 4 are running. And lastly there is a '75 Yamaha RD350 I'm half heartedly trying to sell.


The R75 is just a bit of carb work from being a runner whereas the rest of those are works in progress. The other CB750 wants a sidecar attached to it.


I've updated my sig line...

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