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02 R1150RT Won't start after fall

Mark C

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Bike fell over in garage, easy drop.

Now won't start. Almost catches when cranked then goes clunk, any ideas? It's a friends bike, I will look at when I get there.

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Afternoon Mark


Some possibilities on this one--


First thing that comes to mind is a broken fuel pump output fitting. (I have seen a few break the fuel pump output when the bike falls over hard enough & the pump jumps in it's mounts & snaps or cracks the fitting).


What usually follows is the engine almost starts as there is just a little fuel flowing @ very low pressure (not quite enough to start the engine)


To test-- have your friend disconnect the fuel return-hose quick disconnect, then hold the check valve open on the end coming from the rear of bike. Then turn on ign key (if pump is OK there should be a pencil sized stream of fuel flowing from the return hose for a second of two). If NO fuel flow from the fuel return hose then probably a broken pump.


Other possibility is water in the fuel tank-- it (water) can just sit the bottom of the lower tank wings then when the bike falls over that water moves into the pump pick-up area (low possibility on this one but possible)


Otherwise he needs to check for--a good bluish spark on both sides, that spark plugs are not oil fouled, that fuel pump is running (& producing pressure) during engine cranking).

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It's not mine that has the problem, guy said he was bringing it over to get going next week.

I got 3 bikes , all running fine. Cold this week but

Should be in the 70's next week.

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Hydro-lock... the down-side cylinder could be full of oil from the drop. put it on the center stand. Pull the spark plugs. Cover the cylinder on the drop side with a towel to catch the oil. Then Attempt to crank it without the spark plugs. Re install the plugs. And it should start and smoke like you were fumigating for mosquitoes... it will smoke badly for about 10 miles and then you should be okay... Let us know how you make out.



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