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Hi, I just purchased a Nav V for my 2014 RT. I can't find how I get the unit to turn on without removing from cradle. I like to have it power up with key on.Is that possible?My bike is Nav ready.Thank You,Alex.

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If it is in the cradle it should power up at key on. Several of the 2014's didn't have the cradle hooked up when they arrived at the dealer and some dealers didn't know to hook them up. If it won't power up, take it to the dealer for warranty. It will take them about 15 minutes to hook up the cable. I watched them do it on mine.

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Welcome on board Bobup...


One of the first things I did when I got my '14 was to clean the contacts of the Nav V and apply the tiniest bit of dielectric grease to them.


Doesn't take much...

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