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Hello everyone! Not new to motorcycles but never owned a BWM and looking to buy. I've been riding for 40 years, mostly sportbikes both street and track. Getting older and looking for something a little easier on the body and the BWM S1000R caught my eye. I went in this weekend for the first time and experienced a total different experience from the Honda dealerships that were mostly what I have owned. They set me up on a bike and we went out for a nice ride. Came back, asked if I had any questions and gave me his card. No pressure to go back into the office or anything. Very nice experience. I followed up with an email and asked him for a price on the bike. He sends me the build sheet and pretty much that was the quote including a dealer fee. Not having ever dealt with BWM before and it being so different, I thought I would ask. Does BMW deal on their bikes? If that's the way BWM does business, then I'm fine with that if that's the way it is for across the board. Thanks!

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Welcome to the site Unforgiven, it is a pleasure to have you here. Letting us know your location may help those wanting to respond in that area.


Again, glad to have you aboard.



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Yes, sometimes, depends.

There are times that models are discounted, depending on time of year and that model.

But more likely to occur is finding a dealership that will knock some off msrp.

Where are you?

People can offer specifics based on locale.


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Hi there, welcome to the site! :wave:


My experience has been, ask and sometimes a discount will come your way depending on how hot the bike is at the time. I think the flash has passed on the bike you mentioned so discounts off list should be out there.


Ride a few of them before you commit, the RT & GS are pretty entertaining motorcycles for most and, they'll take you across the continent while doing it! :Cool:




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Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm in Jacksonville, FL. It could just be a Jacksonville thing also as I have never been able to buy a motorcycle here and always ended up going to Daytona where I saved a lot of money. Haven't gone that route yet as I always try to buy local first.

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As others have said, Welcome! :thumbsup:


We do have a fairly active group on here from Jax and the surrounding area, so hopefully one or more of them will chime in here and add some local knowledge to the discussion.

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Thank You. Not is a hurry and still deciding what I want. I made the mistake of riding the S1000RR just to compare as I've been on Honda 1000RRs for 10 years. That was a huge mistake.

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I made the mistake of riding the S1000RR just to compare as I've been on Honda 1000RRs for 10 years. That was a huge mistake

I was looking for a new sport touring bike in 2005 and did the same on a R1200ST test ride. First thought on my mind was power wasn't a problem. Same for you??? ;)


BTW welcome to the board as it's a great resource for BMW info.

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