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Trip planing!


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Am sure I can use some help here.

Planing a trip, to me is like getting from point A to point B.

No problem there, have a map and gps. The thing is, i miss so

much that is in between. Can anyone suggest a site that

would help out on planning a trip? Thank You and safe riding!

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Joe Frickin' Friday



Pretty much anytime I'm going somewhere, I'll head to Roadside America and look up interesting stuff to see at my destination or enroute. Most of it is cheesy and/or funny stuff, but there are some very cool things here and there as well.


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What Mitch said...my travel bible. My kids just went up to Bozeman to visit family and I made sure they checked out the two-story outhouse and some great yard sculptures.

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I am knew here but this something I can contribute to. I have been planning my summer trips for the last few months. I use a app called in Route and Google maps. It is pretty easy to use and lay out routes that do not follow the recommended GPS path. The full version has turn by turn guidance and it will export gpx files.


I use Google maps when I want to do trips with overlays or combine several different routes. You can usually find people who have created maps that locate points of interest. For example I often overlay a map of Diners Drive insurance and Dives to find fun food. Or a map of lighthouses. The drag able routes in GM makes route planning pretty easy.

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I thought it was veni, vidi, velcro. (I came, I saw, I stuck around.)


Veni,vidi,vici! Julius Cezar I came,i saw, I conquered.

But i like your version also ;)

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