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HID lights


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Was very disappointed with the night vision riding my Triumph Sprint.

I have changed that, with a HID kit. Couldn't be happier, it has improved

at least 3x the vision from standard. Now, my new to me

RT has much better lights. Was wondering if anyone has tried HID's

on the RT, and point out their experience!


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Putting a bulb of one type in a reflector designed for another is a hit or miss process, and reports on LEDs in older RTs have been mixed, with the main problem being the beam patterns.


The best reviews for a H4 LED that I have seen have been for the PHILIPS X-TREME ULTINON LED BULB




1) Comparison of the Philips H4 LED with a 160W Halogen



2) Another Comparison:



3) Japanese Amazon with 4.4 Stars from 10 Reviews:



My solution to improving nighttime lighting with a 1999 RT was to install an Eastern Beaver H4 high-capacity harness (which has the added benefit of shunting the power load through relays, reducing current going through the somewhat fragile switch), plus a Hella 100/55 bulb, which can now be driven to full capacity by the heavier wiring harness. I haven't read any reports of the 100 W high beam causing heating problems, but I also try not to run it continuously. The light is significantly brighter, and the high beam punches a noticeably bigger hole in the dark.

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Evening Albert


Is this for your 2008 1200RT? If so then you not only have the HID bulb compatibility with your stock reflector but have the clearance issue to the light cavity rubber cover & the BIGGIE-- not all HID's will get along with your 1200RT's light-out monitor system so you could have a light-out monitor showing on your instrument panel.


What ever HID you get make sure it rated CanBus compatible-- really has nothing to do with your CanBus system but that is how they differentiate accessories that get along with the CanBus ERA motorcycles.



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Following this. I find the lights on my 2008 R1200RT surprisingly poor compared to my 97 Fireblade.


I fitted a HID low beam on my 1200 Bandit a few years ago. Just bought a car kit off eBay. Cheaper than for a bike and got one set spare.


I was going to look at fitting the spare set over the New Year.



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