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Difference between Marakesh Red (Code 358) and Marakesh Red 2 (Code 738)


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Does anyone know the difference between Marakesh Red/Marakeschrot (Paint Code 658) and Marakesh Red/Marakeschrot "2" (Code 738)? This is for a '95 R1100RS.


I have color code 658, and am m trying to buy a replacement panel with color 738, and the only link I could find that shows *both* these color chips was this:



I overlayed these chips in Photoshop and they appear to be the same color (assuming the online chips are accurate). I'm trying to determine if these colors would clash on the same bike?



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My apologies, in the title I meant to say "Code 658", not 358.


Yes, my paint code is 658. I'm trying to see how close a part with color code 738 would match my bike.


Any ideas?

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There is paint code and a color code for each color. They are different numbers.


Use a parts fische such as Max BMW. You will see one number given for body panels pre-painted and another number given for touch up paint for any given color.


I hope that makes sense

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I'm just looking at body panel color codes, to see if one panel would clash with another. I checked Max's and couldn't find the 738 paint code mentioned for the R1100RS, for touch-up or whatever.


The only clue I could find was on the following link:



From this link it appears that Marrakesh red 738 was used on bikes with the Marrakesh Red/Arctic Silver combo, and Marrakeschrot 658 was the code used on the all-red bikes. Possibly as seen on the following page:



Still not sure how similar 658 and 738 are.


Using Phil Hawksley's website from above, 658 and 738 are "Marakesh Red", and "Marakesh Red 2", respectively. And using those color names from cyclecolor.com to match chips, they seem to be very similar, if not the same.


This is a lot of extrapolation :S but the best I can come up with at the moment :)


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While not a paint expert, I have a 2000 RT in red, and remember meeting a couple of riders a few years back, one with an early year red RT. It had a visibly different hue to the paint, a little more towards an orange if I remember correctly, though it was definitely red. It wasn't a matter of fading either, as the tank top was the same hue as the lowers.


I'd be thinking you'd notice the difference with two panels side by side.


Good luck

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Thanks CaptainKcord! I think you are right.


I ended up not buying the part with the '738' paint code (mine is 658)


Instead I bought a part from a 1994 model year bike (one year earlier). I checked and the 1994 R1100RS used Paint code 658 for Marakesh Red, just like my 1995 model.





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