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One of my torque wrenches is in inch-pounds. Opposite that scale is another in KG CT. Does anyone know what this is? How to convert it to inch pounds?

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I've heard of kg.cm sometimes expressed as cmkg but KG CT is a new one. Usually CT is an abbreviation for carats.


As to converting, sure, set your torque wrench to some value in one of it's two units, and read your answer from the other.


If you do that for some even in-lb value, tell us what the KG CT reads, maybe we can figure out what the scale is.



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According to the all knowing google - 1 kg/cm is equivalent to 5.6 in/lb. (I rounded it ever so slightly because the last time I posted one of these out to six decimal places, I was accused of being OCD :rofl:)


Hi Doc! :wave: Hope you're feeling better than last year when we met!

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Torque is measured in units of force multiplied by the lever arm. so the units are kg*cm or inch*pounds.


1 kgf*cm= 0.867961662 in*lbf

1 in*lbf= 1.15212462 kgf*cm


Decimal places included because we ride BMWs and we all know rounding is just wrong...

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Doc, what is the numeric range of the inch-pounds scale, and what is the numeric range of the other scale? That would give some idea of the units used.


Are you sure it doesn't say Nm somewhere by the other scale? And that KG CT isn't a model number or brand name?

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