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Photon Blaster from Skene


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I've seen that some of you are using the Photon Blaster by Skene. I have a 2015 RTW and wondering where you have taken the power from. All directions say is take it from a switched power source. I have the P3 lights on the back. Can I take power fron the same place it's wired to? Thanks....



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Taking my power from the connector under the seat just to the rear of the fuel tank. Running front and rear P3's from there. It is switched, but stays on for several seconds after the switch is turned off. At first I didn't care for that, but they draw such a small amount of power that is not a concern. Don't even think about it now.

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I am preparing to order the front and rear Skeene lights soon for my 2015 RT as well. I am ordering the lights with the alert function. I have started looking at the installation instructions, and it looks fairly straightforward, but I have to admit to a bit of apprehension at tearing into my new bike.


I know it will be fine...and will make me very cautious, which will be a good thing. I will let everyone know how it goes.



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