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New rider/owner intro


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Just joined the site and wanted to introduce myself. (And brag a little.)

So as the title states, I'm a new rider, or will be once I actually ride the bike, that bought his first bike. (Thursdays ice storm is preventing me from riding it.) Did the motorcycle safety course 3 years ago since it was offered free though my work and have been looking off and on for something to buy. Didn't want to buy something small/underpowered that I would want to upgrade shortly after, so I was looking at bigger bikes. Also didn't want to spend a lot of money either, so have been keeping my eye out on insurance auctions. Copart.com is one that I have bought a few cars through and this week I finally bought a bike. Its a 2004 R1150RT with 64383 miles on her. Judging from the damage, the bike just fell over and wasn't crashed, but the damage was enough to total it and sell at auction.

Damage to the bike include:

Front fender scratched.

Right mirror/blinker pod missing.

Right valve cover scratched and cracked plastic guard.

Right side foot pegs partially broken under the rubber.

Right rear corner by blinker scratched.

Throttle lock was bent. (Fixed that already.)


Other than that, the bike looks brand new. You would never guess it has that many miles on it. My guess is that the previous owner had a different seat on it, because the factory seat looks like its never been sat on. Tires have maybe 100 miles on them since the mold nubs are pretty much still all there.

Only negative is that there are no bags and an ABS issue, that I'll post in the appropriate sub-forum.

So, how much did I pay for this beauty? A whopping $888!

On to the pics.











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Welcome from Kennesaw GA!


For the price you paid for the bike you can spend a good $4k replacing panels and fixing the ABS and still have a great deal on your hands. Congrats on the find! As previously said though, the 1150RT isn't exactly a beginner bike. Have respect for it's capabilities and ride safe.

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Welcome to the board!


Don't fix any of the panels until after you've ridden it for a few thousand miles. These bikes are a bit top-heavy, especially with a full tank, and until you're used to it, the dry clutch makes it very easy to stall the engine, and the power brakes make it easy to get more brake than you meant to at parking lot speeds, either of which can result in a tip-over.

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Thanks for the welcome and you guys are too kind. I was expecting a lot more comments like "This guy is going to kill himself." :D

Right now the only thing I've ordered so far is the mirror pod from ebay. Not planning on fixing any other panels for a while. Hopefully my first accident will just be forgetting to put my feet down at a stop light. :(

Front tire was born in week 31 of 2014 and the rear week 12 of 2015.


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You mean, like this? :grin:





Sometimes cliches are based in fact.


Ten years old, searched through the trash for a target to use with my BB gun. Found a cracked ceramic mixing bowl that looked perfect, since things that might break when hit are best. The flat circular bottom looked like a bulls-eye, so I propped it up facing me. Aimed at the center and fired. I actually saw the BB coming back at me before it hit the lens of my glasses. It took a chip out of the lens next to the frame that I saw every day for the next year or so. I learned to pick my targets more carefully.


And yes, I dropped my RT during a slow speed maneuver two weeks after I bought it...


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I was expecting a lot more comments like "This guy is going to kill himself." :D


You mean, like this? :grin:





With my name, I'm sure you'll understand why I hate that movie. :)


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Glad to see the comment about the dry clutch and stalling. I thought it was just me taking 3000 miles to get used to the clutch! I almost considered having it checked.

I just got back into riding after a long break (raising kids). I owned many full dressed Yamaha's years ago but loving my first BMW (thinking I need an LT also)



2002 R1150RT

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My first Beemer was an 04RT I found on EBay six years ago 17,000 miles bought it for $7,000 rode it for four and a half years adding another 90,000 miles before trading it in on my current ride a 14RTLC . Point is if you love to ride distance you'll love your RT I know I did and still do . By the way I've been riding over fifty years , forty of them on Harleys and I'll say that BMW is the best motorcycle I've ever owned hands down . Keep it rubber side down and enjoy your ride!!!!!

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Good that you have taken a MSF class.


Sure is a lot of bike for a first bike. ...and tall and top heavy.... but a good one.

I too would say, that with you being a new rider, don't bother repairing the scratches and scuffs.


I too am a BMW newbie. Got a 2002 1150RT.

Then learned that the 2004 is the best of the 1150s.

So you did good... and great price too.



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Welcome and good luck with your new project. Ten years ago I bought one like that and had a great time fixing the various issues and learning the bike. There are plenty of parts on eBay and once you have yours up and running you'll be able to do your own maintenance and customization and really enjoy the bike.

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Thanks for the welcome and you guys are too kind. I was expecting a lot more comments like "This guy is going to kill himself." :D



I learned to ride at 52. But with hindsight, I'm amazed that I didn't kill myself that first summer. And I was on an F800ST.


I think it's important to develop a semi structured skill development program. For the first few weeks, I only rode on 35 MPH back roads with little or no traffic. Then I moved up to 45 MPH ones and slightly more traffic. I kept gradually increasing through major roads, interstates, rush hour, mountain crossings, major cities. dark, rain, etc. I was about 10 months before I felt I could go where and when I wanted without restrictions.


I remain a big fan of the MSF courses. In 7 1/2 years of riding I've done BRC, four BRC IIs, and three ARCs.

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