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Bike died today, advise sought.

Andrew Harmsworth

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Andrew Harmsworth

My 1150RT ‘electrically’ died today, I was wondering if I shared the symptoms if you could help with.

Bike started fine today first push of the button cranked over at a reasonable rate. Filled up 5 miles in, bike started fine.

Shortly after setting off the high beam bulb went, basically look like it shattered in the headlight, as it was high beam I rode on.

Some 20 miles later I noticed the instrument dials getting dim, followed shortly by the engine spluttering and road lights getting dim. Turned off the heated grips and the bike came back to life I also noticed that the clock had reset itself making me think the volts had gone down significantly.

5 mins later started to die and splutter again, this time turned off main beams down to side lights. Bike carried on for another 5 miles at which point, died completely.

Tried to start the bike again engine tried to turn over flowed by clicks form the starter.

I have had the bike recovered home and got in the car to get to work, I suspect battery and as it is of unknown age I have ordered a spare along with a new alternator belt as that is due soon as well

Is there anything else I should look at, it seemed strange for the battery to die mid trip so acutely and that the battery warning light did not light up?




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First try charging the old battery. If you have a battery tender or minder they should tell you if it can be charged or if it is simply toast.


Second, once you have a good working battery installed check the alternator output. You should have around 13.8vdc IIRC. If this is low with a good battery then likely the alternator is the culprit.


My initial impression is the alternator. With no ABS fault for low voltage (none stated anyway) and the bike running for just a few miles it sounds like it isn't charging and the bike is running on battery only which won't last long.

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I would check you alternator belt. that sounds like a classic broken alt belt and battery rundown, except you should get a red light on the dash if the alternator isn't charging.

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Andrew Harmsworth

Spot on alternator belt split and ripped, replaced belt and Battery as I was unsure of the age and subsequent condition after being completely flat.


I think the alternator tell tail light was also not working. I found a small push fit wire (next to main bolt on cable) not attached. I have pugged in in now and I have the battery warning light come on in the morning until I rev the bike, I don't recall it lighting up before.


thanks for the help.

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