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LED H7 replacement bulb


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Morning gordiet


Yes there are a few H-7 LED arrays on the market (or at least there were at one time)


I'm not familiar with how the LED headlights would work in the Wethead but they didn't work well in the hexhead.


LED headlights are pretty directional so don't work well in reflector type headlight usage (not well aimed with a reflector lens)


Also the LED's that I have seen had very large resistor bases with heat syncs so didn't fit the BMW headlight area without lots of modifications.


They are also not DOT approved (at least all that I know of) so they are illegal to use on the public roads (usually not a big deal as far as getting a ticket but can be viewed as a contributor in an accident even if it wasn't your fault)


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There are some dreadful aftermarket LED headlight arrays too.

You need to research and choose intelligently.

It will be great if they do eventually make suitable headlight bulbs of all types, as I quite like the light that high end ones put out.

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There have been a couple of other BMW riders that have switched to these. On a KLT, the beam pattern was identical to the halogen. I'm just waiting on a WetHead person to install one first before I jump on the band wagon.



I think that there was at least one person on BMWLT who had installed that particular bulb in his RT. I had done a lot of research on it, and the light pattern should be the same as the regular H7 bulbs. I had read in some forum (don't recall which, but it was a car forum) where the person had made some measurements of the filament positions of the standard H7 bulb and compared it to the LED bulb that you listed. Conclusion was that they were pretty much the same.


I have my eyes on a very similar bulb to the one that you listed, but using the Philips LED instead. My only concern is how hot the braided copper heat-sink gets, since they will most likely be in contact with plastic parts of the headlight housing.



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Cyclops has H7 LED replacement bulb that is supposed to be the hot set up.

It's a plug and play and being used on the GS and the RT wet head.

They cost about 65 bucks. Anyone tried them?



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