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I'm removing the heads, and the cam chain sprocket Allen bolt just doesn't want to budge, it's lefty loosy? I feel like I'm about to stretch the chain by applying pressure to loosen the Allen bolt.



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DO NOT use a pneumatic wrench. It is tighten to 65 Nm, that is quite some force. Just make sure that the bit you are using is a quality one and add enough lever and it will come off.


I have installed quite a few aftermarket sprockets so far and the only time I had issues in that area was for a 1200 bike, for using a poor quality torx on that screw. But in the end it came off and I just replaced it with a new one.


Put the bike in 6th and press the foot brake and it will come out. Also, it does not hurt to hammer it a little prior to attempting to get it out. Works every time for me like so.



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Morning FireKit


Yes, lefty loosy-- use a big breaker bar & apply smooth even force (never slam it or hammer on the bar).


You need to be very careful to not slap the chain when it comes loose or you risk breaking a chain guide.


If the cam gear bolt comes out (or breaks loose) with difficulty then it is a good (very good) idea to replace the bolt due to possible bolt fracture & future bolt breakage.

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