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180/55-17 on a R1150RT


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A friend just got a nice R1150RT and has access to a new set of fresh tires essentially for free. The rear is the 180, not the 170 that the 1150 normally uses.

I'm wondering if there will be fitment or any other issues that 1150 owners have experienced.

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The back tire/wheel takes a little wiggling to get it free of the swing arm and exhaust. There is that little indent in the exhaust that likes to hangup on the tire. A fatter tire certainly isn't going to make it easier, but I'm not sure if it will ultimately fit.

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Morning Tri750


While the 180mm tire is a little fatter the rear rim isn't so he won't get the full 10mm additional width.


As far a fitment & clearance goes -- most 180 rear tires will (barely) clear on the 1150RT. I have seen one that wouldn't (can't remember the tire brand)


The only way to know for sure is to try it then check for swing arm to tire clearance after an aggressive ride.


He might have to let the air out of the tire to get the wheel/tire back on the bike.

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I had an 1150RT the shop put the 180 on by accident. The handling was not good and under certain loads the sidewall would touch. I made them take it off and put the right tire on there. Handling returned to normal.

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I have dropped a 190 on my 2004 rt and didn't experience too many issues, slightly better mileage as it had more contact area, but I also just use the bike for commuting and never ride two up.

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