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Holy dumba$$ moves batman**********spoiler GP**************


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"Marc explained that he was riding his normal race waiting for the tyres to feel good and going fast when he could and slowing down when he had to."


He was blocking Rossi and Rossi knew it.




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Rossi should have been black-flagged immediately. As far as any blocking, it should be noted that Rossi did not make any gains on Lorenzo after Marquez was punted off the track. Rossi passed Marquez repeatedly, if he was truly faster he had opportunities to open a gap.

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Marquez had the pace to run with Lorenzo and Pedroza but decided to battle Rossi instead. The frustration from Rossi was evident a lap earlier and yet Marques didn't let up.


Its impossible to imagine that Marquez didn't understand that by racing Rossi hard it would mean Rossi would never catch Lorenzo on track and might even make a mistake and crash.


If the title contenders are close on track, usually those not in contention tend to get out of the way. No rule, don't have to, but a common move.


From MotoGP Race Director Mike Webb:

"Marquez did not make any contact, did not break a rules as such, but we feel that his behaviour was causing problems to Rossi who reacted. "


Doesn't make Rossi right, but definitely understandable.

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I have not looked myself but I am being told Marquez put his helmet on Rossi's leg and caused Rossi's foot to come off the peg and that is why it looks like Rossi kicks M off the bike.


I am with Mr Olson

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Racing incident. Rossi knew he was there and ran wide. Marquez straightened up once, got the red mist then tried to turn in again, didn't work. Either one or both could've gone down. The announcer said it caught Marquez' front brake lever causing the front to tuck, whether that's true or not, racing incident.


Same thing happened in the first turn in the F1 race today, Hamilton ran Rosburg wide intentionally, the difference was Rosburg didn't retaliate, lost two positions but lived to fight again. When a guy is inside of you there's only one good option.


Regardless of the race director's actions, it's a lesson Marquez will remember the rest of his career, hopefully.



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Rossi says the helicopter shot clearly shows Marquez is down prior to his foot coming off the peg. The unfortunate part is although Marquez, IMHO , was the aggressor and clearly wrong its Rossi that pays the ultimate penalty and looses the championship since the 3 point penalty (in addition to 1 he already had) means he starts at the back of the grid in Valencia. Unless Lorenzo falls of or crashes, well ....

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It is disappointing for Rossi, I didn't perceive when I watched that Marquez was being obstructive, but it doesn't strain the limits of credulity to think that he might have been doing just that. It still looked like bad on TV.

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Interesting comments here.


It's a race. Who says Marquez doesn't get to race the points leader. Who says Rossi is entitled to a position on the track according to his status. His pre-race comments toward Marquez are well documented. He clearly wanted Marquez to step out of the way.


You've got to earn your championship. Rossi clearly lost his cool. Succeeded in punting his challenger off the track by deliberately slowing, blocking, then kicking at a competitor.


Race direction will sort this out. Rossi will jeopardize his championship by this boneheaded move.


No place in this sport for this nonsense. Any one close to racing knows that clean racing is the only type acceptable.



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I'm not a Marquez cheerleader. My admiration for Rossi has lost it's shine. I've been rooting for Rossi to get his tenth Championship all year. I wouldn't be disappointed if Lorenzo snatched it at the end in a head to head battle. But Rossi should have been DQ'd today. He was given a chance to win the Championship from back of the grid in the next race because all he needs is 6 point finish should Lorenzo be third behind the two Honda's on the Spaniards home turf. Now I hope Lorenzo gets first or second in that race.

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Avoid the narratives of heroes and villains. In this case, at what is supposedly the highest level of motorcycle racing, a competitor deliberately checked up (slowed) his speed in a corner when there had been lots of passing previously. If Rossi wanted Marquez to pass, he should have waited for a straight and stuck his arm up. No amount of wins or commercials status entitles someone to act like the 'race police' on the track.


BTW, I don't understand all the Lorenzo hate. He put some very respectable moves on both Ducati riders, and on Rossi to get up into 2nd place. They're all racers, meaning (as Kevin Schwantz once said), they're best described starting with 'a' and ending in 'hole'. Rossi is just better at hiding it than Lorenzo, IMHO.

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Exactly what Joe said.


Lorenzo snatches the championship from Rossi.


On pure riding skill. No theatrics, no showmanship.



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