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Russell Day Long help

Mike Denson

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My Sergeant seat isn't working for me, and I'm looking at an RDL and wondered which options people have used?


Heat, I believe there are two options, OEM and RDL. RDL is on/off, OEM is adjustable (on my 2015). Is this correct?


Cover material: vinyl, leather, velour?


Quilting pattern?


Rain cover!!! I hated the rain cover on my Ultimate Seat, do I really need one on the RDL>


I plan to call Russell next week, any information is appreciated.


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A few years back I put a RDL on to my 1200GS. I chose leather top and vinyl sides with the larger square pattern. Red/grey. Great seat, no comparable pain all day long. I did use the rain cover. Currently I have a used RDL from a forum member on my 650 GS. All vinyl, smaller square pattern, black. Just as comfortable as the first one. Looks ugly but when you sit on it, who cares :-)

Great saddle and great service from the guys at Russell too. Good luck.

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Had been searching for a seat on the Vstrom for two up riding my Wife is comfortable on for all day. She has nerve problems after having Shingles and could not ride for more than 50 miles without pain. Tried OEM, Sargent, and finally ordered a Russel Day Long seat built on the OEM pan completed in leather, but still did not have much hope.


RDL seats made a believer out of me. Now we can ride over 6 hours (longest ride two up so far on the RDL) and my Wife does not have pain.


It took about 1000 miles (in our case) for the seat to break in and become very comfortable. I'm used to riding Sport/DS bikes and the RDL has a completely different feel, but I'm used to it now.


The RDL is wider at the tank compared to the OEM seat, so it was lucky for me I had already lowered the bike front & back by 1", another story, accommodates getting my feet on the ground comfortably @ 5'11" tall with a full height RDL seat. Did not buy the heat option, will go with heated vest on the Strom.


Always wanted to buy a BMW for two up sport touring, but had been reluctant until having this positive experience with the RDL seat. After seeing many RDL seats on BMWs, our next two up sport touring bike will be a BMW with a RDL seat.









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RDL uses the OEM seat pan so you will have the same adjustment as the stock seat. I am on my second RDL seat, both for the R1200GS. I went with half moon stitching and vinyl sides with the vinyl Griptex (non-slip) seating area. Since it is all vinyl I have never had to use a rain cover on either seat.

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You should use the rain cover. The RDL's have stitching and water can penetrate the seat through this stitching. Can soak the foam underneath and cause a degradation of the seat. Had to send a seat back to Russell after failing to use the cover.



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OEM on the heat question, if you already have it.


I did black vinyl & basket weave. :thumbsup:





Who's butt does the pillion seat fit Pat?



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The Rocketman

I picked up used RDL heated rider/passenger seats off Fleabay last year for my '09RT. With the serial number, RDL confirmed the build of the PO was similar to mine. What I found were 2 problems, which ended up in me re-selling the seat. (1) Rider's seat was tilted too far forward, and the "boys' were getting crushed. (2) The wings on the pillion seat came out so far, my daughter couldn't hold onto the grab rails, and it made it really difficult lifting the bike onto the center stand as I couldn't get a grip on the grab rails either.. Guess having them custom made is the way to go if you're going to do it at all, but be aware of the passenger seat issue.

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Mine pattern is same as Tewks except didn't get basket weave. Leather on top, vinyl sides. This is my third Russell. They hold up well and because there is simply more seat volume; it spreads the load such that ride time is greatly extended with more comfort. It will make your feet about 2 inches further from the pavement that stock, but you will learn to work it with ease by leaning on 1 foot or the other when stopped.

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I'm on my second RDL ('96 K1100LT and 2011 R1200RT) and have had velour on both seats. I'm really surprised more people don't go for the velour. It's very comfortable, doesn't get hot and you don't slide around on it if you're wearing riding pants. I spray it once, or twice, a year with outdoor Scotchgard and the water beads then rolls off.

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Russell is the most comfortable seat I've ever used. It also changed the feeling of the bike the most as it raised me up so much. Over time I got used to the new feeling of the much taller seat. I always appreciated the added comfort. It took some time to get used to how the bike felt being so much higher in the bike.


The added comfort of more leg room was offset by a further reach to the bars.


The seat itself was very comfortable and they were a great company to work with.


I went with black vinyl. Easy to clean, looked nice and did not need a rain cover. I have one, I just don't use it and don't have a problem.


The added thickness Russell adds to the seat greatly increases the time for the seat to warm up and noticeably reduces the maximum temperature your back side feels. It gets warm enough to be effective but all that additional padding makes the stock heating element less effective.


I've tried many seats. Russell is one of the few I'd recommend.



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I went through the Russell website and cannot find a way to order the basket weave material. Am I missing something?


For reasons unknown, you have to ask about the basket weave material when you call them. Not on the website. No additional cost. I have a V Strom seat with it and like it very much on that bike.

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I sent them two emails inquiring about getting a new seat for my bike and never got any replies. Is this normal from them?


Unlike other seat folks I tried Russell did follow up via email within a day. The last seat I had them make for me was four years ago so things may have changed but when I did work with them they were the only one who was good at following up via phone or email.



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That is the "basket weave". I had my V STrom done in that. Vinyl only and a no cost option. But it isn't on the website for whatever reason. It does tend to collect dirt in the dimples but I like the feel of it.

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Went for a cool January ride today. Man, this seat is tall! I placed it in the lower position and it took some time to get used to it. Still on my toes at stop signs. Have to slide forward to reach the ground. Only rode an hour....it's January in Indiana!

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I just put my new RDL on the bike yesterday and took the bike for a spin. Mind you it was only 43 here in ND. But seat warmer still worked great. I'm 5'10" and had to slide forward a bit more than stock seat. But I was still able to touch the ground about the same. Seat was a bit harder than I expected. But still not as hard as my Corbin on the old bike.


I need more miles on it. But I think I'm going to like this seat.


And today, I went skiing!

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I am 6'-1" 31" inseam. This is the 3rd RDL that I have purchased. 4th one I've owned. They are definitely the best comfort seat when you want to spend lots of hours in the saddle. They all ride tall and require you to slide forward to reach the ground. This one seems taller than any previous RDL that I had made. An hour in the saddle yesterday and I feel that I will get used to the new "perch". :D I know that when I travel it will be a real blessing to not experience leg cramps and back pain. The seat will probably break in a tad lower with some miles on it.

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