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I've read a lot of the forum posts about the BT comm units. Autocom drove me crazy. My current wired system drives me crazy. I spend more time trying to get the systems to work than I do riding, it seems.


I have a K1600GT with the BMW Navigator IV and factory stereo. I have an Escort 8500 (legacy unit, wired only). And I have an android phone which is the source of my music 99 percent of the time. I do NOT use the phone as a phone when riding. I need a system with a good intercom to talk to Suzanne (and take instructions). I want side tone (I hear my own voice). I want a microphone that does not pick up wind noise, engine noise, etc (the Autocom was good about this, when it worked)


So, what do I buy to:


1. Talk with Suzanne

2. Hear Navigator instructions

3. Hear BT music from my phone

4. Hear the Escort, mounted under the front fairing

5. Set priorities, e.g. so music and intercom fade when gps starts talking

6. Allows me to use earphones, not helmet speakers

7 Lasts all day, i.e. 10-12 hours, doing all of the above.




If there's no way to get the Escort to talk to the system, I'm willing to buy one of the new BT radar detectors, if everything else works fine.


The Sena seems to be the default product, but Cardo has a nifty deal for Shoei helmets which eliminates the wart on the side, so that has some appeal.



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My wife and son have the 20s and it's pretty great; I opted for the 10c (integrated camera) and I'm happy with it (but wish it had all the com features the 20s has).


The 20s does protrude quite a bit, but not as much as much as the 10c or the older Sena units - it's really not that bad. Which Shoei do you have? Sena has the 10u, which seems to not have ALL the features of the 20s, but does have most - including sidetone - and there is a model that will fit the Neotec, and one that fits the GT Air.


Not sure about integrating the detector. Can it feed it's signal to a BT dongle? The 20s for sure and the 10u I am pretty sure, will do all the other things you want. In fact, you can layer the audio so you still hear Suzanne and music in the background while getting your GPS directions (though that sounds overwhelming to me).




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A friend that I ride with has his GPS, music source and radar detector wired into his Mix-it. The output goes to a Bluetooth dongle. This is connected via Bluetooth to a Sena 20S. With the Mix-it he can control the priority of the different devices. The only problem would be if you wanted to share the music with your wife's headset. The quality of the Sena music sharing feature is not very good.

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The quality of the Sena music sharing feature is not very good.


That's a bummer - we haven't worked our way through all the features yet, but that was one to which I was looking forward...we ride 3-up most of the time lately, and I thought DJing would be a good job for the boy on trips. Hopefully it will be good enough for us.

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