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R1150RT headlight aim


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is there any way to change the angle relationship of the headlight. I have the low (dip) beam exactly where I want it and now I want to raise the aim of the high (main) beam because it is too low. Any thoughts? I had considered a very small shim in the main beam housing.


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I am with Bob on this. I have the adjustment cranked as low as it will go. My high beam does a decent job of lighting the trees and overhead highway signs. My low beam is where I would like my high beam to be. I plan to go in this fall and see if I can shim somehow to get the correct adjustment range set.


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Very interesting on 2 points. Firstly the fact that you say the main beam does a decent job! The R1150RT is horrible. It puts a blob of white light in a dot at some point in the foreground and then just vague illumination elsewhere.

Secondly the 'aim' issue. I hope you can resolve it. I did in the end. I have Clearwater Darla's for main beam and they are stunning!

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