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iABS reinstall question


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I'm trying to replace the servo modulator in my 04 RT. I'm having trouble getting the clips that hold the steel lines into the top of the servo installed. Does anyone know of a good method to reinstall these clips?



Please don't turn this thread into a I should remove the iABS.

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Evening Kioolt


Have you slid the caps up the brake pipes to allow the spring clips to work properly (you need to slide the caps up first)


Then once you get it snapped together you need to verify that clips are properly positioned then slide the caps back down.


You really should install new square seals on the lines also. (if old or dried up those tend to leak)



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I got the clips installed today. I was trying to install them by entering one slot and trying to exit out the other slot. The correct way is across both slots. I don't know how come I couldn't figure that out. I guess that's what old age will do to you. I don't have the square seals here now so I'm hoping that there will be no leaks. If there are, I will buy some and install them.

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