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Rebuilding stock 2005 R1200ST shocks


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So for a guy on a budget who cannot afford Ohlins or other like priced uber shocks, what is the recommendation on who to send my stock shocks to, for rebuild? Anyone had this completed before? Cost? pitfalls?


Thanks for the advice



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Not sure where you are located,but there is/was a shop in the San Francisco Bay area that rebuilt BMW shocks.

Aftershocks??-may be out of business,per my quick search.

One post from 2013 says Aftershocks owner and subsequent shock work was contracted thru BMW San Jose(CA)folks.

Maybe others can pipe in with more info.


These folks offer shock rebuilds,have heard some positives about them:



These are good folks too:




I know the ST is a rare bird,but keep an eye on craigslist,Ebay,BMW websites for aftermarket or takeoff ST shocks.



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