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2014+ Werks Quiet Ride Windshield

A-Red Bill

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For a variety of reasons a windshield upgrade was not a priority for my 2014 R1200RT. The stock unit leaves some to be desired but seemed good enough and is miles ahead of the stock unit of the oilhead. I had an early Seceom on my 2000 RT. It was a significant upgrade but at the cost of visual distortion and material that scratched easily. The visual distortion was pronounced in the area of the “flip.


Then the Werks shield was introduced and the promised improvements were intriguing. Sealing the deal was an introductory discount which basically covered the cost of shipping.


I connected with Werks via the vendor forum. The order process was straight forward and Terry at Werks responded almost immediately. The order was confirmed on a Thursday and by the following Thursday the shield had been delivered to my front door via FedEx.


I have just over 100 miles of mixed riding on the clock and could not be happier. The fit and finish is flawless and, most importantly, the shield performs advertised. I am just shy of 6’ tall and bought the standard height, a perfect fit. In the down position there is enough air flow for summer cooling. When the shield is raised the difference in wind protection is stunning. Even at 70mph the stock speakers are usable. The shield has a mild flip at the top but there is no visual distortion. The shield material is crystal clear and seems better than stock. A lot of promises are made on the Werks website and this shield lives up to those promises.


Great upgrade.


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I upgraded to the Quiet Ride after a couple hundred miles on my RT. I didn't have any particular issues with the stock shield, but I had read such positive things about the product that I thought I'd give it a shot. Here's a photo of the 26" Quiet Ride on my bike:




From the rider's perspective, the 26" windshield is a bit taller and marginally wider at the top than the stock windshield. I'll echo what others have said--it's possible to find a quiet, sometimes incredibly quiet, position for this windshield. For me, that requires raising the Quiet ride maybe two or three inches from the resting position. Is it completely miraculous? No; you'll still encounter some noise and buffeting in crosswinds. But, it works darned well.


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24” tinted on my ‘17 RT. I was a CeeBailey guy but the Werks serves me very well. 




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I just installed one on my 19 RT, having had them on my previous RT I did not hesitate a moment before ordering one for the new bike

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