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2016 R1200RS

Studio Seven

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I saw my first RS a three weeks ago. We got stuck together in a massive traffic jam on the highway between Baden and Zurich in light rain (a lorry had blown the engine and two out of three lanes had been closed for cleaning).

Very very rare here (apparently each dealer was allocated just two bikes for the whole 2015 solar year with no delivery schedule).


Very nice bike, reminds me a lot of earlier VFR's but with better ergonomics for both rider and pillion. I am not sold on some details that scream "cheap and shoddy" but overall I'd take it over the VFR1200F in less than a heartbeat. :thumbsup:

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I'm hoping that I can come across a used one for the right price, in a few years. I've always had a secret lust for the R1200S, and it looks like the RS solves all of the things that kept me from buying.


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