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K1200RS Mirrors on an RT?

The Rocketman

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The Rocketman

I installed Wunderlich/GS round mirrors on my '09RT as the OEM mirrors rot. I like the GS mirrors and they allow me a wide peripheral view of the side lanes behind me.


For aesthetic reasons, I just installed mirrors from a K1200RS. I like the way they look better than the GS mirrors, more sporty and I like the oval/rectangular glass, but find they don't go out wide enough for my comfort level. At the widest out position, I actually see the sides of my rear top case and my arms, and that's not wide enough.


For those who have the RS mirrors on a late model RT:

(1) Have you found a way to adjust them further out? Seems the beveled base that goes around the switch housing limits the adjustability.


(2) I don't want to force them or break anything, but the base has those 2 spring-loaded ball bearings that fit into recesses in the base of the stalk. Can you actually pivot the mirror back like my Ford Explorer mirrors that fold back? And if not, why do you think they're made that way?

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Morning Rocketman


The K1200 mirrors I put on my 1200RT were the same way for a while.


They worked OK but I always wanted them to swing out just a bit farther. After repeatedly twisting them out as far as they would go (plus just a little) they eventually stayed out just enough to please me. (you can over-push then just a little but be careful to not break them)

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On my '06, I used the K mirrors in "normal" position and the original RT mirrors in extreme wide angle so I could see people just starting to pass/overtake me... or those who love to be my unwelcome "wingman" for extended periods... never figured those people out!

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I ended up selling the K1200RS mirrors to an R1200R owner. He's happy. I'm happy. And I'll stick with the GS mirrors for now. The mirrors hitting the windscreen just didn't work for me (with the ex-VStream shield, which also got sold), and the GS mirrors give me a better/wider rear view than the K mirrors.

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I have a 2004 R1150RT on which I added the 1200RS mirrors. I also wanted to have a bit "wider" view so I added those little round stick on mirrors to the regual RT mirrors. At some point I took those off and added these instead.

(click on picture for web site)



They work really well and the rectangular shape looks better on the RT mirror. You can get them in lots of places like Target, Walmart, car-wash places, and as the link takes you at Autozone. Cheap and effective. Not too bad looking either.

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