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Denali DM Micro LED Driving Light Mounting on 99 RT?


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Good evening all.


I am a week or so away from shoving off on a month long ride to anywhere, can hardly believe it myself but I am making the time to do it.


So, last year I purchased a 99RT with just under 30k, love it. Over the winter I put on new Spiegler brake lines, new HALL sensor, new internal fuel lines and new alternator belt. This week I will replace fork seals, one leaks a bit, instal new Shorai battery and last but not least try to mount these Denali micro led lights for daytime use.


Question, finally, has anyone mounted these on a 99ish rt? I have found fender mounts, bolts, on Twisted Throttle and Revzilla, I assume these would work but I am looking to have the lights higher. I have heard of mounting them in the mirror housing, how does this work? Are there mounts available for this location? I am pretty sure I do not want to mount onto or into the fairing.


Any tutorials out there? I have spent the afternoon searching the internuts but am still a bit short on the info.


As always any community input much appreciated.

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Sadly, your best bet is to embark on a search for a used set of EMP light brackets if you want them in your mirror housing. They are no longer offered new.

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Thanks for the replies. Not sure I would get them here in time, looks like they ship from Europe. Seems like one should be able to make something like that with a hammer and such....haha. I might just use the fender mounts this trip and save a few bucks.

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Another question from this noob, apologies.


I have decided to use the fender mounts. What I am trying to figure out now is how to locate a switched 12v wire to posi tap into. I will not have the lights connected to the high beam. I have looked at the wire diagram in the manual.....? Confusing to me to translate what I am looking at on the bike. I have all the plastic off. I have heard different arrangements folks have done but not seen any pictures. I realize this is probably very straightforward but I just want to make sure I don't screw up and strand myself with a dead battery. Any guidance as always is much appreciated.


With a bit of luck I will be on my way by Friday.




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So, the lack of responses to my question has forced me to look more closely at my wire diagram and surprise, things are making sense! Thank you for ignoring me. Ha ha, only joking I promise.


If someone can answer me this one little question it will save me from having to go out and buy a volt meter....for now. I am going to posi tap a 12 volt switched power from the tail light assembly, lucky for me all the black wire wrap had crumbled away and the wires are all very easy to see and identify. I will re wrap when I am done. Question, is the grey and black wire which is identified as the tail light and side light wire a 12 volt switched power? I think I have read that in one of my searches but can not find again. There are also three brown wires, on is thicker then the two others, could this one be an option?


Ok that is it, no more stupid questions..............but just to say, electrical work mystifies me....for now. thanks.

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Yes, the grey/black wire is for the tail light and the same grey/black wire goes to the front headlight parking lamp. It is a switched power line.


Any brown wire should be a ground wire.


Buy yourself a voltmeter - they are inexpensive - or buy a test lamp.

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