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squeal like a piggy...


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so every once and while when i lurch to a sudden stop or even without reason i'm getting a squeal and it sound like from the intank fuel pump


it doesn't happen to often with a full tank.


is the pump on its way out? or just the little piggy squealing because it can?

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Afternoon SANTA


Is this on your 03 1100s? If so see if the noise only shows up when you squeeze the brake lever or foot pedal? If so then you might be hearing the ABS servo pumps.

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i know of the sound the brakes make when squeezing the brake level, this is more sharp and pronounced, if its not the fuel pump what would cause the ABS servo to make this ver pronounced short squeal?

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Afternoon SANTA


Until we know exactly where on the bike it is coming from & exactly what you are doing when it happens it is going to be difficult to tell you what to look at.


Can you explain the squeal in a little more detail?


Are the wheels ALWAYS rolling when you hear it?


Does engine RPM have any bearing on the squeal?


Do you EVER get the noise without ALSO using the brakes?


Does the noise go away IF you release the brake pedal or lever?


You might have a brake pad related sequel, or a servo pump related squeal, or a slipping alternator belt squeal, or clutch related squeal, or a ??????? related squeal.


The more (specific) info that you can furnish the more we can help you find it over the internet.



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