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ESA does not work. But the wheels rotate.


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ESA does not budge. Can't feel anything when cycling the switch with engine running on the center stand(fingers on the shock control unit). Display shows the three choices in each control function. No joy.

What happens when you ride it? I did. Nothing, I'm here now. I did note at the bottom of the shock, that wire does have a severe bend to it where it comes out. I rode the RT naked.

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Bike's history?

Your history with the bike?

Recent repairs?


Can't mind read very well at this distance.


Most of us around here prefer ATGATT, and usually consider a thread worthless without pictures, but in this case I think we'll skip the action shots. :)



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Morning Tom


Your 2006 RT is right on the last of the early shock units--those did have some issues.


First thing- are you using it correctly? Look on (or about page 64 in your riders manual & MAKE SURE YOU ARE calling up the spring preload changes properly. (don't confuse the quick button push dampening change with the 2nd button push/hold that changes from 1-2-3 suitcases in the lower R/H panel).


If you are using the system correctly then you will either have to troubleshoot it yourself or have your dealer do it.


Around your vintage 1200RT, in SOME CASES jumping full 12v power to the rear strut adjuster will cause it to move & sometimes free up).


There was also a dealer installed update that caused the control computer to supply more current to the rear strut (you might look into that IF running full power to the strut frees it up).


As to that bent wire on the bottom of the shock?-- that is for the dampening control NOT the spring height control.

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You won't feel much with the bike on the center stand. You need the rear wheel on the ground & be sitting on the bike to feel the rear go up or down (slightly).


You can SEE the collar moving (see pix below)



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2006 R1200RT, purchased new in August 2006. Production date was August 2005. 43,000 miles, purchased new. Thanks to whoever posted that link to VIN's. Almost an exact date of purchase to date of production. Thank you for getting back. The one thing I had not tried was the center stand trick. Absolutely, nothing. For me, when everything was working right, I could feel the bike raise and lower. Solo, boots flat, with pillion (2 helmets), toes touched down. Pillion settled in, boots settled down. I've never had an issue with ESA until this past winter. Sounds like I've had a good run with the early version of the ESA.


Naked riding for me is no trunk, no saddle bags. I like it. It's about 50 lbs lighter. Yes I, too, believe in ATGATT. The only item missing was my Firstgear pants. I was head covered, hand covered, jacket covered, and booted. I see a lot of sunday riders with the helmets only. I don't ride w/o helmet, gloves, jacket and boots. This time I didn't have the pants on.


History on the bike is several long trips. Memphis to Seattle, Shepherdstown, to Alamogordo, NM, Sherbrooke, ON, the Tail of the Dragon, and the BRP into and out of NC. A lot of enjoyable riding. Around here, I do tune up riding around Harpers Ferry and Antietam, then over toward Davis, WV. When I've ridden US 50, it is not the loniest road. Time to visit the dealer.

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Hey Dann. You had yours replaced. So far, I've been looking at ways to repair the whole mechanism. Flashing and other than OEM hardware, in order to avoid the purchase price of NEW. Thought, is the new equipment on par with the 2015 equipment? My bike was produced in August 2005. ESA is still around. Will replacement parts reflect current production specs? A minor change here, re-flash there, the next thing you know the R&R unit would benefit from the experience of the past ten years. Is there any experience out there that the newer ESA have more longevity than our 2005 design have? I was out riding today, great. Hot, 95 according to the sensor (almost 43,000).

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I replaced mine myself with one that came from an 08.(Saved a lot of $$$)

This "new one' has the hall sensor instead of the potentiometer that 07 and earlier bikes were equipped with.


I think rear struts from 2005 up to 2009 are interchangeable (You have to check the part number but I'm pretty sure they are the same.)


If I'm not mistaken BMW changed to ESAII which has a different connector with the Camheads in 2010


I had to go to the dealer after the install because the ZFE needed to be reprogrammed for the new sensor.


16,000km on it since and it still works perfectly.

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