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Autolite (AP3923) Spark Plug


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Circa 6K miles I replaced my spark plugs with Autolite (AP3923)[bike is a 02 1150RT] I had a look at them tonight when doing the value gap and they had what I can only describe has a white heat look about them at the bent metal part (I know very technical). I have never seen this on any previous spark plug usual or something to investigate further?


Many thanks .....

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Well, the AL3922 is probably a better fit heat wise than the AL3923. One range colder. Harder to find.


That being said, I run AL3923's in my '02 R1150RT all the time. They have always looked a bit whitish when I pull them out.



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Morning Alba


That white combustion look is normal and is due to the fuel used & fuel/air ratio that the engine operates at.


If your plugs are not heat degraded then going to a slightly cooler plug will not change that white combustion look.


Reading spark plugs from a lean burn, o2 sensor controlled, no-lead fuel burning engine is a real science as you don't get that nice tan color of the old days of leaded fuel & rich operating conditions.

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