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Unreal tire issue I had to share


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I've used Michelin LTX MS tires for about 20 years now on my trucks. Friday I put the newer model LTX MS2 in a 285/75/16 E rated 10 ply on my GMC Sierra 2500 HD Diesel. This is the 3rd or 4th set of the same size on this truck. It was obvious there was something wrong immediately when my truck was bouncing pretty bad. I brought it back and after the third balance ,which they removed the tires and just put the rims on the road force balancing machine to perfectly match the right spot on the tire to the right spot on the rim, I thought I was finally finished. I watched them zero out the machine with each tire. I drove only 2 miles to notice I still had a problem. The last guy was smart and put a dot on each tire where my valve stem was. The front tires spun on the rim about 1 foot and the rear about 2 inches. I'm bringing it back tomorrow and hopefully the lube they used to mount the tires is dry. They will then rotate the tires back to the marks without lube and hopefully I'll finally be done.I've never heard of this before but I'll always mark my tires from now on.

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Same tires , wheels and lube. Chrome wheels and a lot of lube is all they said. I made it all the way home today and the dots still line up with the valve stems. Haven't got up to speed yet but I can tell it's better already. I wouldn't be surprised if this happened before on this truck but I'm just getting pickier the older I get . I don't remember it ever being that bouncy before except on my KTM. :) That's it, I used to ride the KTM a lot more and the truck always felt like a Cadillac. Mystery solved !

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