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Hello from Belgrade, Serbia, Europe


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Hi there,

I've been following this forum for quite some time even though I was riding '82 R100RT that went up in flames two years ago in my repair shop when it caught fire from surrounding buildings. But, it's life.


Now I'm the proud owner of '99 R1100RT/CP (Common Problems) :grin: . Forum helped me a lot. There are many good things to read. I hope that I'll have something to contribute from my experience.


Best regards, Rastko

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Welcome Rastko. It is a good site and group. I have travelled in Europe a few times now. Switzerland, Germany and bits of Austria by motorcycle and car, the Alps have to be done on a bike. Scotland, Belgium, France and Northern Italy by car. Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Ireland are on my list of places to tour, beautiful country, roads, and great people. Never know may see you there some day.

Greetings from Canada.

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Unfortunately computer with pictures and stories went up in flames along with mu shop. Of course, I don't have backup copies since I don't need them. What could possible go wrong? Apart from fire in the next building :mad:


This motorcycle, that I ride now, I bought two months ago, and first I must make some trips before posting pictures here. I have some pictures from my trips with my 4x4 but this is motorcycle related forum and roads (better to say paths) are far from being the same as for motorcycle.


sorry :(

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