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Took a ride up to the Bighorn's on the bike. The little stream was full just of brookies. Lots of little ones, from 2" to 10" but very fun. I just made it back out to the paved road just before a T-storm. Saw deer, Moose and came very close to smacking a deer on the way out. Was a fun fishing day, got home after 9 pm.IMG_3030.JPG_zpsrop9puai.jpgIMG_3032.JPG_zpsjc54n5an.jpgIMG_3033.JPG_zpsfqvlg9sb.jpgIMG_3037.JPG_zpse8ffoj7p.jpgIMG_3040.JPG_zpsopmtqub1.jpgIMG_3043.JPG_zps5l35jigw.jpgIMG_3042.JPG_zpsldezbuae.jpg

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