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rear wheel


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96 R1100R,


How easy is it to turn the rear tire when on the center stand and in neutral? Do you get more than 1 revolution or less than that? Mine seems to be a little tight, but don't have anything to compare it to. It does about a half turn when spinning it. Does that seem too tight? And if so what needs to be done to make it spin easyier? May be normal though, I don't know?

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Consider this, You are spinning the final drive/ring and pinion submerged in heavy gear oil, the drive shaft/universal joints, and the transmission output shaft also submerged in gear oil. What you might have is rear brake caliper drag which a little is normal.

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I am ok with spin then. Now is a whine between 2.8k and about 3.5k normal for an older BMW? I do have a whine but it is hard to pinpoint where it is coming from. At times it seems to come from the final drive pinion area. That is why I asked the question. Just concerned if the final drive needs another type of oil. I am using book weight oil of the dino type.

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Clive Liddell

Hi, Welcome to the Board!


You haven't mentioned in which gear(s) the "whine" occurs. 3rd gear is often the noisiest but the good news is that it gradually gets quieter - at 125000km my RT is noticeably quieter.


If the noise is independent of the gear selected only then would I suspect the final drive...


By the way I also use dino oil (Castrol GL5 80W90 or 90 if I can get it) in both gearbox and final drive and change both at every service.

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Seems to be RPM related. I can pull in the clutch and hold RPM and the whine is still there. Does not seem to matter what gear it is in, but with clutch pulled in and I give it gas the whine will change pitch and go away as you get out of the mentioned RPM range. Tranny??????


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Morning SAS


On the old boxer bikes the whine is USUALLY in the transmission gear sets as most gears are straight cut & that type of gear-set tends to whine as the miles accumulate.


With your whine appearing to be more engine (RPM) related then you are going to need to do some more investigation into EXACTLY where it is coming from.


Not many gear sets in the BMW 1100 boxer engine so (IF) the whine is in your engine then possibly a chain whirr, or more likely an alternator whine.


If you determine the whine IS in the engine then remove the alternator belt & ride the bike (that will eliminate both the alternator & belt as the possibility)


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I have not replaced the belt since I have owned it and that was my first thought, either belt or alternator, but as you know sounds travel and it is hard to nail down. I like your suggestion of taking the belt off and ride it. I'll try that to help eleminate things.

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